My father taught me and my sister to play chess in 1976, when I was five years old. I quickly became addicted, and still play a lot 30 years later. I play chess in the Nationalliga A and in the 1. Bundesliga of Switzerland with the team Wollishofen 1 with Michael Prusikin, Roger Moor, Olivier Moor, Michael Hochstrasser, Rico Zenklusen, Fabian Mäser, Andreas Umbach, Ralph Bauert, Thomas Wyss, Simon Bohnenblust and Marco Gähler. In the Nationalliga I'm the captain of Wollishofen 1.

Martin's chess program

I wrote a chess program called Muse. It is not particularly good, but it is decent for an amateur program. I stopped working on it in 2004, because I couldn't manage to improve it with the little time I had for it. Muse is a Winboard / UCI compatible chess engine, i.e. you need an interface to use it with (such as Winboard, Arena or a Chessbase program). Read more about it and download it.

Martin's chess games

I have played lots of games, but most of them remain unknown. However, I just noticed that there is this website called which publishes games of patzers like me. You can replay some of my chess games there. Among those games that are published there, my favorites are #14 against GM Korotylev and #21 against IM Klauser, although I blundered a completely winning position to a draw there. If you want to look at Martin-at-his-worst, I can recommend my pathetic losses to GM Nemet (#7) and IM Züger (#15).

Martin's chess puzzles

In july 2000, I played at the Swiss chess championship in Pontresina. For those who missed it I've got my Pontresina Puzzles! These puzzles are quite old in the meantime, but I still like them. I believe that solving puzzles is one of the best ways to improve in chess, much better than studying obscure endgames that will never occur in your games, or learning 20 moves of opening theory by heart.


Among the highlights in my chess "career" are:

My current national rating: 2312
My current international rating: 2319

Chess links

Here are some of my favorite chess links:

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