jCheckers is a Java checkers program, based on my Java Checkers Engine that is also used in Checkers Tutor for Android. It is not quite as powerful as my Windows program CheckerBoard, but it has the most important features of a decent checkers program:


  • Powerful Java checkers engine based on Cake, one of the world's best checkers programs
  • Four different types of playing levels: A beginner level, where jCheckers will try to give you a strong position, but offer some resistance from there on; a training level where jCheckers attempts to give you two-for-one shots (and alerts you when they are available); fixed-depth levels from 1 to 9 ply; fixed time levels from 1 to 60 seconds and a level for infinite analysis.
  • PDN support: games can be loaded from and saved to PDN databases, the standard file format for checkers.
  • Copy and Paste support for games to share them easily among friends by e-mail
  • Unlimited takeback/replay through the game


To install jCheckers, click the java web start button below to immediately download and run jCheckers
Alternatively, download jCheckers.zip and extract it to an own folder on your computer, and run jCheckers2.jar to play.

News and Feedback

I post news about jCheckers development on my checkers blog. Feedback can be sent to nospam1 at fierz dot ch, or posted as comment on the blog.
a screenshot of jCheckers

This page was last updated on March 29, 2010