Alternate piece sets for CheckerBoard can be downloaded on the piece sets page!

  • CheckerBoard 1.631 (1527 KB) with setup program. Package with CheckerBoard 1.631, Cake Manchester 1.09b, the new 93'000 move opening book for Cake, the 4-piece endgame database for Cake, Simple Checkers (+ source code), Dama (+ source code), a game database with hundreds of games by Marion Tinsley, and a checkers tutorial for beginners by grandmaster Richard Pask. You will be able to generate the 6-piece endgame database on your computer.

  • The 4man-4man endgame database (7211KB). If you have installed the latest CheckerBoard package (above) with Cake Manchester, and if you have generated the 6-piece database on your computer, you can download and extract this zipfile into the 'db' directory in your CheckerBoard folder. Cake Manchester will be able to use this database and play a stronger game. If you have not generated the 6-piece database, Cake Manchester will not recognize this database!

  • Saltare (236 KB) as a ZIP-archive. This Italian checkers engine by Paul Shields comes from Australia, and plays about as well as my own Dama engine. To install, unzip the archive into your CheckerBoard directory and choose "saltare.dll" in the engine dialog.

  • KestoG 1.1 (58 KB) as ZIP-archive. KestoG was written by Kestutis Gasaitis from Lithuania and plays Russian checkers. To install, unzip the archive into your CheckerBoard directory and choose "kestog.dll" in the engine dialog.

  • Cake Sans Souci 1.04 (140KB), the predecessor of Cake Manchester. It is not as good as Cake Manchester, but I'm leaving it here for 'historical reasons'. This is a .dll file which you can save in your CheckerBoard folder. Do not click on the link directly, use your right mouse button instead to click on the link, choose the menu option "save target as..." and navigate into your CheckerBoard folder to save the file there. No further installation is required.

  • You can download KingsRow and an opening book for KingsRow on Ed Gilbert's webpage. KingsRow is a very strong engine for CheckerBoard.

  • On the Chinook website you can download the Chinook endgame databases, up to the 8-piece database. KingsRow 1.12v or greater can use the 2- through 8-piece Chinook database!

  • Murray Cash, programmer of Nemesis, has a games archive on his Nemesis site. You can download pdn files of lots of matches there and view them with CheckerBoard.

Last modified September 12, 2005