You can help!

You can help to improve CheckerBoard! There are a number of areas where I could use some help - if you have anything to contribute in the list below, then please do.


CheckerBoard started out with just a few basic features; today, it has all kinds of features I never would have thought of by myself. A lot of the new features were suggestions of users. If you have an idea how to improve CheckerBoard, then please mail it to me to nospam1 at fierz dot ch (email obfuscated so as not to be spammed).


CheckerBoard supports multiple languages. I'm looking for translations of the menu items and the help file into other mainstream languages.

Piece sets

CheckerBoard draws its board using the bitmaps that you can find in the bmp directory within the CheckerBoard directory. Just from looking at the graphics provided, it should be clear how to make your own graphics. Do you have talent and patience when it comes to graphical design? Then go ahead and produce some .bmps for CheckerBoard! In particular, I'm looking for a Black-and-White design which would be suitable for printing. You can view the current alternate designs on the piece sets page. If you happen to make a great new set, please send it to me.

Link to CheckerBoard

Visibility on the web depends on links. If you like CheckerBoard and want to help spread the word about it, then please add a link to . On the same note, I'd love to have one of those cool link buttons which would say something like "Get CheckerBoard!". By now you've probably guessed that I'm not too good at graphical design, so I'm unable to create a cool button myself. Can you help me out?


And of course... If you like CheckerBoard, you can show your appreciation here!

-- January 6, 2010