In Depth

During my site redesign at the end of 2005, a lot of old pages remained unlinked. I wanted my checkers site to be a bit more user-friendly, and therefore threw out some of the older and more technical pages. However, if you are interested in more than just downloading CheckerBoard and playing some casual games, then this In Depth page contains a lot of information that you might find interesting! Another source for more in-depth information is my Computer Checkers Blog.

Strategy Game Programming Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how programs like Cake work? Check out my tutorial on strategy game programming!

Checkers Articles

I wrote a bunch of short articles on computer checkers:

Suicide Checkers

I programmed a suicide checkers engine - Suicidal Cake - that plays the suicide variant of the game (also known as anti-checkers or losing checkers or giveaway checkers). In this variant, the goal is to lose the game. Read more about Suicidal Cake on its own suicide checkers page.

Checkers Games

Links to all replayable games on this website. Most of them are by some version of Cake, but there is the occasional piece of analysis on other games too.
-- December 26, 2009